Dramatic dashcam footage showing the moment a child cyclist is nearly struck by a 4×4 has prompted safety warnings.

The footage was recorded on the A38 dual carriageway at Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, by firefighter Rob Allen on Sunday.

Mr Allen, a Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service group commander, was driving when a group a children on bicycles emerged without warning from the side of the busy road.

He instinctively slowed his 4×4 but just moments later, another young child – who had fallen behind the main group – cycles into Mr Allen’s path.

Mr Allen was able to brake just in time, as the footage showed.

The child briefly looks over his shoulder towards the 4×4, before carrying on across the road.

The experienced firefighter and father-of-one said the incident left him shaken up.

But he decided to post the footage on social media to highlight the dangers on the road, and urged parents to have a conversation with their children about road safety during the summer holidays.

He said: “I wasn’t sure whether to post this but if it stops a child from being killed on the road it’s worth it.

“Today, a child rode out in front of me, across the dual track, without looking.

“Thankfully, I was driving under the speed limit & reacted quickly.”

He added: “I saw the first kids so dropped back by 5mph to 49mph (it’s a 60 limit), if I hadn’t I’d have hit him.

“He came straight out from behind the wall to the left.

“I’ve seen drivers on phones and doing way over speed limit through there, just imagine…”

Mr Allen added: “It’s perfect summer holiday weather for kids to be enjoying being out and about on their bikes, but I shared this footage to reinforce the messages about staying safe and being vigilant while cycling on main roads, and also wearing a cycling helmet.”

In May 2014, a 17-year-old was killed just a few hundred yards from where the near-miss happened, after he was hit by a car.

A coroner later concluded the death was accidental.