Police Scotland is expecting a £4 million windfall from external organisations for protecting nuclear waste shipments and policing sporting events.

The force has made almost £1 million this year so far for providing logistical support for nuclear waste transfers and policing football matches.

The ongoing logistical support — known as Operation Ailey — is understood to involve traffic management and public order protection for nuclear waste travelling from the decommissioned Dounreay nuclear plant for reprocessing at Sellafield in Cumbria.

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The legacy Strathclyde Police began charging football teams to police matches in 2009, amid some resistance particularly from smaller teams who warned it could threaten their financial viability. The practice continued when the force was merged into Police Scotland.

Police Scotland is also expecting an extra £200,000 from policing the Glasgow 2018 European Championships currently under way in the city.

James Gray, Police Scotland’s chief financial officer, told the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) that that he is forecasting a “favourable” £4 million of additional income above budget this year.

“This includes £2.5m of additional services of police income which mainly relates to an extra £1.9m of Operation Ailey income if the request for five additional movements above the budgeted number are delivered this financial year,” he said.

“There is also £200,000 of additional income anticipated from events including the European Championships 2018.”

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The windfall and other savings have reduced Police Scotland’s operating deficit this year to £35.6m, down from £47.2m last year.

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A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: "The SPA authorises the Chief Constable to provide and charge for police services which are assessed on a case by case basis.

“Commerical events, where the organiser or company intend to make a profit, such as football and festivals, will be charged full cost recovery for services provided.

"Operation Ailey is Police Scotland's support to the safety and security of nuclear decommissioning in the UK and we operate a full cost recovery system in line with SPA rates which ensures that the public is not disadvantaged in any way.

"Police Scotland is consulted about the programme and any requirements for police support are considered against operational demand in order to ensure that there is no detriment to the service or the public."