PERJURER Tommy Sheridan has signed up to front a new chat show on a Russian propaganda outlet, where he will also write a weekly column.

The disgraced former MSP said he hoped to offer “an informed opinion, inspire reactions and provoke debate” in his articles for Sputnik UK.

Mr Sheridan was jailed in 2011 after lying during his successful defamation case against the News of the World.

Sputnik said he will lead a series of "exclusive and hard hitting video broadcasts" featuring a different guest each week.

Introducing himself to Sputnik readers, Mr Sheridan said: “Unlike many other politicians and commentators, my principle are not negotiable.

“For me integrity is priceless and although many of us may be in the gutter I will always, in the spirit of Oscar Wilde, be looking up for the stars.”

Elsewhere, he wrote: “I have often fallen foul of the law and been incarcerated for my activities but I believe I have always remained true to my socialist principles and tried to speak truth to power no matter the odds.”

His first column for Sputnik reflected on his upbringing in Glasgow’s Pollok and outlined his socialist principles.

Mr Sheridan successfully sued the News of the World in 2006 after it accused him of being an adulterer who had visited a swingers' club.

But he was later found guilty of lying under oath.

Sentencing him to three years behind bars in 2011, Lord Bracadale said he had “embarked on an action in the Court of Session knowing that for it to be successful you would require to tell lies under affirmation”.

Sputnik has been widely accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories.

Last year, it was banned from advertising on Twitter amid fears it attempted to interfere in the 2016 US election.

Intelligence officials have condemned it as “a platform for Kremlin messaging”.

Former first minister Alex Salmond has been heavily criticised for hosting a chat show on Russian television channel RT. 

Mr Sheridan was co-convener of the left-wing Solidarity party until 2016, and was previously an MSP for the Scottish Socialist Party.

He said he was "delighted to join the Sputnik UK team and thrilled to bring my show to our growing audience". 

He added: "I will be interviewing a number of fascinating guests who will offer a fresh perspective often denied by the main stream media.

"This is a great opportunity to tell the untold and I can’t wait to get started.  

"I am also looking forward to producing my own weekly column with Sputnik which will allow me to speak my mind with no pre-set agenda or censorship.”