THANKFULLY there have been no serious injuries to pupils or teachers at the North West Community Campus in Dumfries.

Nonetheless it is worrying that, just a few weeks into the new term, a series of health and safety concerns have resulted in the closure of the building until further notice.

It is too soon to judge the cause of problems, but Dumfries and Galloway Council are clear they have been let down over the project - developed by contractor Graham and the Hub South West Scotland public private partnership.

“The council has lost confidence in any assurances given in relation to the building,” a spokesman said.

Teachers and families have also been raised concerns, with one parent arguing the new complex had been rushed.

Andrew O’Halloran, the local secretary of the EIS, pointed to concerns over the ownership of the work.

“Part of the difficulty seems to be the school is not owned directly by the council, but by a separate charitable trust,” he said.

And he also raised concerns over a previous incident where a seat in a shower had fallen off.

“Clearly workers were working quickly and putting things into walls without due care,” he said.

When 17 Edinburgh schools were closed in 2016 over safety concerns there was a feeling enough was enough.

Surely the minimum teachers and pupils can expect is that their local school is a safe place to go.