THE founder of the country’s leading anti-independence campaign has been condemned for endorsing a Twitter post about SNP activists being shot.

Scotland in Union director Alastair Cameron was accused of “extremely poor taste” after liking a picture of a man holding a blunderbuss in case he met any Nationalists.

The spoof tweet was sent by a well-known Unionist account referring to the SNP’s Day of Action this coming Saturday, when activists aim to speak to 50,000 voters.

SNP depute leader Keith Brown has said the exercise is intended to take a “huge sample of public opinion” and make the case for independence against the “chaos of Brexit”.

The tweet liked by Mr Cameron referred to a soldier given extra patrols because of the Day of Action, and said “yellow badged campaigners with single, elongated eyebrows and less than three teeth” should beware that the man was “in full ‘ No Prisoners!’ mode”.

An SNP spokesperson said: "These comments are in extremely poor taste – but depressingly becoming more and more common from unionist right-wingers.

"It's remarkable that Labour and the Tories still give this organisation their backing when one of its directors is promoting such offensive and violent rhetoric online – Ruth Davidson and Richard Leonard should condemn this unequivocally.

"The unionist parties are losing the argument over Scotland' future, and clearly losing their rag, but comments such as these should have no place in that debate."

Mr Cameron founded Scotland in Union shortly after the No vote in 2014 in order to campaign against a second independence referendum.

A spokesman for Scotland in Union said: “With no signs of life in their flagging independence campaign, it's hardly a surprise the SNP has completely lost any sense of humour.

“It seems there is nothing from which the nationalists can’t manufacture a grievance.”