MORE far-right extremists than Islamists are being flagged up to Scottish programmes to lure them away from terrorism, The Herald can reveal.

Figures from Police Scotland show 15 individuals on the fringes of the far right were referred to de-radicalisation schemes in 2016-2017.

That is compared to eight vulnerable individuals formally referred under so-called “Prevent” strand of Britain’s Contest counter-terror strategy in 2015-16. And it tops the entire intake of 13 people who were identified as being at risk of international extremism, including Islamism, in the last financial year.

The new figures come amid growing global concerns about the rise of the far-right, which has backed Donald Trump’s Republicans for mid-term Congressional elections and helped ultra-conservative Jair Bolsonaro secured the Brazilian presidency.

Anti-fascist campaigners Hope Note Hate stressed formal far-right groups are on the decline in the UK but said their ideology was thriving online. A Scottish vlogger headlined at a Dutch far-right conference last weekend.