Nicola Sturgeon has trashed suggestions that the SNP is considering trying to achieve independence without a second referendum.

Weekend reports suggested that, with the UK Government refused to devolve referendum powers to Holyrood, senior SNP figures were backing alternative routes.

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One idea was the SNP securing a majority of MPs in Scotland in a general election - something it has already done twice - being the trigger for leaving the UK.

Similar notions of using a “democratic event” to get independence bubbled up at the recent SNP conference, reflecting frustration with Mrs May’s refusal to grant another vote.

The Prime Minister said again last week that “now is not the time” for Indyref2.


However the First Minister flatly rejected any alternative route, saying it remained SNP policy to have another referendum, just as the issue was dealt with in 2014.

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She told BBC Radio Scotland: “On the question of a referendum, it is SNP policy, it continues to be SNP policy, that the route to independence is through a referendum.

“That is for good reason. That is the way to pass the test any vote of that nature has to pass, a chance for people to unambiguously express a majority view for independence in a process that is legitimate, and would be accepted.

“Now, I can understand why people in the SNP get frustrated when they hear a Tory government that the majority don’t vote for in Scotland saying ‘No’ to that, but of course the way to get over that is to build support for independence to a level where no Tory government can stand in its way.”

The comments echo her previous praise for the 2014 independence referendum as the “gold standard” which should be used in any future vote.

Ms Sturgeon also said she would give her view on the timing of another referendum once the House of Commons had come through the Brexit process.