TWO Scottish universities have launched investigations after posters from a far-right anti-Islamic group were placed on campus.

Glasgow University and Glasgow Caledonian University removed the recruitment posters for Generation Identity Scotland, which is part of a European-wide movement that opposes Islam, immigration and multiculturalism.

One of its members has been linked to the banned neo-Nazi group National Action while GI members in France were exposed last month for racist attacks and Nazi salutes.

A spokesman for Glasgow Caledonian University told The Ferret investigative news website: “Three posters were removed as soon as they were discovered. The university has launched an investigation and notified Police Scotland in accordance with government policy.

"Glasgow Caledonian has a zero tolerance approach to literature which appears to promote extremist views, runs counter to the values of the university and is illegal."

A spokesman for Glasgow University said: “A poster from the organisation Generation Identity was removed from university premises and any others which appear will also be removed. Literature of this kind has no place on our campus.”

Anas Sarwar, chair of the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group on tackling Islamophobia, said there was no place in Scotland for this type of campaign.

He said: "It is a stark reminder that Scotland is not immune from prejudice and hate, and that we can’t begin to tackle the problem until we accept that it exists in our playgrounds, university campuses, workplaces and communities.

"Silence is no longer an option for those who believe in equality and unity. Our task this year is to make the unconscious bias conscious, so that people can challenge themselves and then as a country we can aim to defeat prejudice in the long-term."

Patrick Harvie, from the Scottish Greens, added: "There is a serious threat from far right extremism in this country, and it is troubling to know that this group is targeting Scottish universities to peddle their message of hate.

"I’ve already raised this with Glasgow University at the highest level, and I believe they take this threat seriously. I would urge anyone on campus, or indeed anywhere in Scotland, to ensure that any such extremist activity is challenged and given no platform.”

The GI posters said: “You are not alone. Patriots walk amongst you. Join the patriotic revolution.”