Serial killer Peter Tobin has been diagnosed with cancer, it has been reported. 

The 72-year-old killer - who is serving three life sentences at Edinburgh Saughton's prison - was reportedly diagnosed last year. 

Tobin was jailed for the rape and murder of Angelika Kluk, 23, in Glasgow in 2006.

A subsequent search of his home in Margate, Kent, uncovered the remains of two other women.

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Tobin was convicted of the murder of Vicky Hamilton, 15, in December 2008 and of the murder of Dinah McNicol, 18, in December 2009, resulting in a whole life order.

Police suspect him of killing more.

Dan McNicol, whose sister Dinah was killed by Tobin, told the Daily Record he hoped the man would now reveal the full extent of his crimes.

He said: “I hope he finds something in himself to tell the truth about what else he has done and other women he has killed so their families have some closure.”