A slender-looking David Cameron has been spotting out jogging in London. 

The Lyrca-clad former prime minister looks decidedly slimmed down in the photo, taken during a jog in Hyde Park this morning. 

A witness said: "He's done a Brexit dine and dash as PM and now clearly trying to take his mind off it.

''He looked much fitter and slimmer than he did a few years ago.''

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In November, it was rumoured that Cameron planned a return to frontline politics, a move which was was quickly blasted by MPs.

Yvette Cooper tweeted: “What, because it worked out so well last time? Man, you ripped up our closest international partnership. By accident. That makes you even worse than Boris Johnson.”

Andrew Gwynne, the shadow communities and local government secretary, wrote: “God. No. Didn’t he do enough damage first time round?? Please spare us all.”