A library in Glasgow's southside was put on lockdown for more than an hour as far-right activist Tommy Robinson attempted to confront an MP.

Police stood outside Pollokshaws Library as the English Defence League co-founder attempted to confront the SNP's Stewart McDonald outside his surgery. 

Robinson, who was jailed last year for contempt of court, said he wanted to question Mr McDonald over "lies" he had told about him in the House of Commons.

A source at the library said they had been made to stay inside for more than an hour as a small crowd gathered outside.

They also claimed that Robinson's supporters bombarded the library with phonecalls. 

Police stationed outside told locals the library was "closed to the public".

Robinson, who streamed the incident online, told Mr McDonald he was a "coward" as the Glasgow South MP was escorted from the library by police.

In the video, Robinson repeatedly accused Mr McDonald of hiding, and was heard saying “he’ll probably come out in a burka”.

He said: “There’s multiple police officers here – too many. There’s no danger to him, he knows that. But still he hides."

He added: “I can’t believe he’s hiding in there for hours, I can’t believe it. He’s got a police guard.”

The video showed Robinson being approached by a number of local supporters asking for photos and praising him.

Last year Mr McDonald raised a point of order in the House of Commons condemning Robinson as a "violent, racist thug and fraudster" after he was spotted having lunch at Westminster.

The Glasgow South MP told the Commons: "It's entirely correct that members of both Houses engage in robust, political debate around the parliamentary estate.

"But today we have learned that yesterday the violent, racist thug and fraudster known as Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, or Tommy Robinson, was invited on to the estate and wined and dined in the House of Lords yesterday.

"I understand that sometimes we have to engage in views that one might not agree with, but surely, surely the fact that a man who is as guilty as he is - on stirring up racial hatred, organising violent, thuggish crimes around the country, setting up the EDL and everything that comes with it - crosses a line.

"And such a person shouldn't be invited to walk amongst us on the parliamentary estate."

Mr McDonald later tweeted his thanks to those who had got in touch with messages of support. 

He added: "My staff and I are fine. Thanks must go to @policescotland officers for their professionalism and also @glasgowlife staff at Pollokshaws Library. I’ll keep doing my job on behalf of Southsiders."

An SNP spokesman said: "Far-right activist Tommy Robinson and some of his supporters attempted to disrupt Stewart McDonald MP's constituency surgery today by using intimidating behaviour, which has understandably left those involved feeling shaken by the incident.

"Mr McDonald will not be intimidated against carrying out his duties as a constituency MP.

"Stewart and his staff are extremely grateful to the police for their help and cooperation."