A LONG-SERVING Scots Labour MP has described his own party's Brexit policy as "ludicrous".

Ian Murray, the former shadow Scottish secretary, said Labour's Brexit red lines were just as bad as Theresa May's because they are "undeliverable".

He made the comments as he reiterated his calls for a second referendum on EU membership.

Labour MEP Catherine Stihler added: "I might be a bit blunter: I'm gutted by the Labour Party's position on Brexit."

The pair were addressing a packed pro-EU meeting in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Theatre.

In an earlier speech, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown argued Brexit should be delayed by a year to give the public the final say.

Mr Murray said Labour had a “Brexit pathway, but it doesn't necessarily have a Brexit policy”.

The Edinburgh South MP said: "We're in this ludicrous situation whereby if we'd had a vote of no confidence that was successful, setting aside the Fixed-term Parliaments Act, the Labour Party would have campaigned at the general election to renegotiate a better Brexit.

"If we don't get a no confidence vote, the Labour Party motion as passed at conference is a People's Vote with the option to remain.

"So if we got a general election we'd have been Leave; if we don't get a general election we're Remain.

"I can see why the party wants to sit back and watch your opponents kill themselves, that's a perfectly legitimate political strategy to have.

"But...I think we have to now start setting all games aside and start getting round the table and try to find a way through this mess."

Mr Murray said Labour should "go straight to looking at a People's Vote – I think that's the democratic thing to do".

He added: "Our red lines and our six tests are just as bad as Theresa May's red lines, because they're undeliverable.

"The EU has a legal context. You're either a member of that group or you're not. You can't have one leg in and one out.

"You can't give up your gym membership and still insist on using the pool. That's the problem the party has.”

Ms Stihler insisted the only workable solution to the Brexit crisis is a People’s Vote.

She added: "There's no good Brexit. There's no jobs-first Brexit. Brexit would be a disaster for our country."

The remarks both received loud applause from the audience of around 350 people.

Meanwhile, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Alex Cole-Hamilton told the crowd the two Labour politicians were his friends.

He said: “I care about them a lot, and I can see the anguish that they go through every day as the leadership of their party – and I say the leadership because I don't think this sticks to the rest of the membership of the party – continues to set its face against the only route out of the hideous calamity that is Brexit."

He added: "I know they care about Europe and I care about them. I just hate to see them in this position."

Mr Murray resigned from the Labour frontbench in 2016 and has been a frequent critic of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Between 2015 and 2017, he was Scotland’s only Labour MP.