The SNP's Westminster leader Ian Blackford has claimed that by passing the Brady amendment the Government had "ripped up the Good Friday Agreement".

To jeers from Tory MPs he said in his point of order that he called for the Prime Minister to make sure that a no-deal Brexit was taken off the table.

Slamming the decision to pass the Brady Amendment he said: "We were told the backstop was there to protect the peace process but tonight the Conservative Party has effectively ripped apart the Good Friday Agreement."

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"This House should be ashamed of itself."

"The contempt shown by the United Kingdom Government right across these islands is stark. This government, Westminster and the Tory party has no respect for the devolved administration or the other regions of the United Kingdom."

He said Scotland had been "silenced, sidelined and shafted by the Tories".

DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds, raising a point of order, told the Commons: "It is quite frankly outrageous to say that this vote tonight drives a coach and horses through the Good Friday Agreement, it does nothing of the sort." 

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"This is a significant night because for the first time the House by the majority has expressed what sort of deal will get through and will have a majority, and we will work with the Prime Minister to deliver the right deal for the United Kingdom."

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: "The House of Commons could have asserted itself tonight - instead it indulged the PM’s decision to chase a fairytale at the behest of the DUP/ERG, and increased the risk of no deal in the process. A woeful abdication of responsibility."