The so-called Creationists, who maintain that the biblical account is scientific truth, make me very angry. Their total misunderstanding of the real truths at the heart of the Creation stories of Genesis simply bring faith into disrepute and invite scorn, feeding those who dismiss all religion as irrational nonsense.

Even worse is the hijacking of the phrase "intelligent design", making it synonymous with the Creationist fallacies. Throughout all human history, including our own time, the vast majority of the world's peoples have believed in an intelligent mind behind all things. Indeed, many scientists believe that the underlying unity of the universe which they are progressively uncovering, can only be explained by a purposive hand.

Of course, the existence of a Creator cannot be proved - or disproved - by scientific methods, but it certainly sheds light on much that would otherwise be obscure.

Evolutionary science deals with the questions "how" and "when". The Creation account in Genesis was not written to answer these questions and, properly understood, is not in any conflict with that science. The Genesis account seeks to answer the fundamental questions "why" and "who". For what purpose are we placed on this earth? Who are we? These questions of identity and destiny are the real truths which the myths of Genesis were written to convey, and they are truths which are by definition outside the legitimate scope of science.

The Creationist and the evolutionist both make the same fundamental error, of treating the Creation stories as claiming to be scientific truth - one to defend it as the very word of God, the other to dismiss it as a fairy story. The Creation account deals with questions that science does not, and, indeed, intrinsically cannot, address.

I would be horrified if the Creationist's views were taught in our schools as an alternative to evolution. I would be even more horrified if an education system that is meant to help young people understand and reflect on the fundamental questions of existence, did not present the real case for a Creator, and the message of the biblical stories conveying truths about who we are, and why we are here.

Canon Kenyon Wright, 4 Katrine Crescent, Callander.