A former UKIP candidate who appeared on BBC Question Time numerous times will not be returning to the show's audience, The National revealed on Thursday.

The BBC came under fire after Billy Mitchell appeared on the show for the fourth time when it aired from Motherwell, even asking the panel a question. 

They faced further critisicm on Thursday morning after it was claimed that Fiona Hyslop's full response to the former candidate was edited out from the episode.

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But it looks as though Mitchell's time on the show is over, after sources at the BBC told The National that it is "unlikely we’ll see this individual on Question Time anytime soon".

To gain a spot on the show, prospective guests must complete an application form and state whether they have previously been on the programme, and when.

An official BBC comment hints at the suggestion that Mitchell may not have complied with the criteria for being asked to join the audience.

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A BBC spokesperson said: "I’m afraid we don’t comment on individuals but can only reiterate that we want to allow as many people as possible the chance to be part of the programme so we would not normally allocate a seat to someone if they had appeared recently."

Mitchell said he was invited by the BBC to fill the audience with more right-wing voices.

Speaking to The Times, he claimed that he was invited by the show's producer to appear in the unionist-heavy audience in Motherwell, in part to make up a shortage of conservative speakers.

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Asked how he was able to be in the audience four times in just over five years, the spokesperson said: "Due to EU General Data Protection Regulation we are not able to discuss the information an individual provided to us.

"We followed the normal production procedures when securing the audience for Question Time in Motherwell. Question Time acted in good faith and expects potential audience members to do the same."

Asked about his claim of an invitation, the spokesperson said: "A production research chat is also not the same as a personal invitation."