Scotland Secretary David Mundell has said he is "very clear about the implications of no deal for Scotland and the UK".

His comments during Commons Scotland questions came in response to SNP Tommy Sheppard (Edinburgh East) who asked: "Did he request the Prime Minister to take no deal off the table and what was her response?"

Mr Sheppard added: "When it comes to the matter of principle of having a deal or not is he prepared to stay in this Cabinet and implement a no deal scenario?"

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Mr Mundell said: "I'm very clear about the implications of no deal for Scotland and the UK and that's why I want the Prime Minister to achieve a deal."

He added: "I am in the deal column, I voted for the deal in the meaningful vote and I will do so again."

SNP Patrick Grady (Glasgow North) called on Mr Mundell to "rule out a no-deal cliff-edge Brexit by extending Article 50".

Mr Mundell said: "There's one sure and clear way to avoid a no-deal Brexit and that is to vote for the Prime Minister's deal, but on every occasion, every occasion that the SNP have had to do that, they have declined.

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"And indeed what they have sought to do is to bring a no-deal Brexit closer to reality."

Responding to Mr Grady, he added: "I share his pleasure at so many present on those benches."