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1. Tutti Frutti was commissioned for the BBC by Michael Grade, who wanted something to compete against ITV’s ratings hit, Minder.

2. The original idea was based on the story of The Poets, a Glasgow blues band.

3. Before Richard Wilson acquired his One Foot in the Grave catchphrase “I don’t believe it!”, fans would ask him to shout, “Miss Toner!”

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4. Some viewers in England said they could not understand the Glasgow accents. Terry Wogan joked that the show was up for a Bafta for best foreign language film.

5. Emma Thompson was the only cast member not to have a Scottish accent. She did have, however, a Glasgow-born mother, Phyllida Law.

6. Tutti Frutti was given one repeat before it disappeared.

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7. It was also shown once during the “missing period” - on an oil rig, for which director Tony Smith received a royalty of £3.20.