MPs have tabled a number of amendments to Theresa May's motion for the second "meaningful vote" on her EU Withdrawal Agreement.

With only a short period available to get items onto the Order Paper on Monday evening following the Prime Minister's last-minute deal in Strasbourg, Speaker John Bercow has indicated he will also be willing to accept additional "manuscript" amendments submitted on Tuesday.

But the amendments are likely to prove a sideshow, with all eyes on the simple question of whether Mrs May can get her deal through the House of Commons at the second attempt. It is quite possible that few or none of the amendments will be pushed to a vote.

The amendments on the Order Paper are:

- Scottish independence
Tabled by the Scottish National Party and backed by Plaid Cymru, this amendment states that Scotland should not be forced to leave the EU against its will and that its "best future" lies in becoming an independent and sovereign member of the EU.

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- The Independent Group
Tabled by the 11 MPs who defected from Labour and Tories to form The Independent Group - and backed by Liberal Democrat Brexit spokesman Tom Brake - this amendment calls for an extension or revocation of the Article 50 negotiation process to allow for a second referendum by the end of September on whether to go ahead with any deal agreed by Parliament or remain in the EU.

- Extension or revocation of Article 50
One of a number of Liberal Democrat amendments calls for the UK's notice of intention to withdraw from the EU to be revoked before exit day on March 29, unless the remaining 27 member states agree to an extension.

- Extension for referendum
Also tabled by the Liberal Democrats, calling for an extension of the Article 50 negotiation process beyond March 29 to allow for a second referendum on whether to exit under the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement or stay in the EU.

- Priority for Brexit in Parliament
Another Lib Dem amendment would require debate on the "crisis" over the UK's future relationship with the EU to take priority over any other business in the Commons every day until March 29.

- Private member's bill
Tabled by Labour backbencher Geraint Davies and backed by a handful of Labour, Lib Dem and Plaid MPs. This amendment would require Mrs May to seek an extension to negotiations and would secure parliamentary time to debate and vote on Mr Davies' private member's bill paving the way for a second referendum.

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- Revocation of Article 50
A cross-party amendment, tabled by the SNP's Angus MacNeil and backed by a scattering of europhile MPs from across the House, including Conservative grandee Kenneth Clarke, Labour's Keith Vaz and Plaid Cymru Westminster leader Liz Saville Roberts. This amendment would simply require Mrs May by March 29 to withdraw the UK's notice of intention to leave the EU.

- Plaid Cymru
Tabled by the Welsh nationalist party, this amendment would require Article 50 to be extended to 2021, with a referendum at the end of that period with Remain on the ballot paper.

- Scottish referendum
Laid by the SNP's Angus MacNeil, this would require ministers to authorise a Scottish independence referendum.

- Support for the economy
A further Lib Dem amendment would require the Government to create an emergency Brexit Support Fund of at least £7.5 billion to mitigate the impact of job losses caused by Brexit.