A leading campaigner for Scottish independence has vowed never to vote SNP again while Nicola Sturgeon is leader after a selfie was taken of her and Tony Blair’s former spin doctor.

Jonathon Shafi, who was a senior figure in the Radical Independence campaign, said it was “absolutely sickening” to see Sturgeon photographed with Alastair Campbell, who worked for the former Labour Prime Minister during the run up to the Iraq war.

Sturgeon was one of the high profile political figures at an anti-Brexit rally in London yesterday, at which campaigners called for Article 50 to be revoked and a second referendum to be held.

The huge show of support for the UK’s place in the EU attracted cross-party support, with politicians such as London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Lib Dem leader Vince Cable and deputy Labour leader Tom Watson joining Sturgeon.

Ahead of the rally starting, former Labour MP Douglas Alexander appeared to have a dig at the SNP by saying he was attending for his friend Blair McDougall, who led the pro-UK Better Together campaign: “And everyone like him, near and far, who opposes nationalism & isolationism.”

Campbell, who was Blair’s spin doctor in opposition and then took on a similar role in Downing Street, was also on the march and a photograph of himself with Sturgeon was posted on his Instagram account

Campbell wrote: “Sorry Douglas. Sorry Ian. But I am genuinely pleased @nicolasturgeon is here to to speak for @peoples_vote.”

Shafi, who co-founded the RIC, responded: “I’m done. I’m f***ing done.”

The Herald:

He wrote: “Alistair Campbell is responsible for opening the gates of hell to millions of Iraqis. Sturgeon happy to pose with him. Proud even. Totally done. The SNP will never, ever, get my vote again as long as she is leader.”

After being challenged by a former SNP MSP, Shafi wrote: “I don't cuddle up to people who led is [sic] to a war that destroyed the lives of millions. Your leader does.”

He added: “This is personal too. I made a promise when they bombed Iraq that I would never forget. That I would committ to a life of trying to ensure such a thing would never happen again. That those responsible would be held accountable. Sorry @NicolaSturgeon but a line has been crossed.”