A group of climate change activists interrupted First Minister's Questions on Wednesday afternoon.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Scotland dropped banners and asked questions from the gallery as Jackson Carlaw began tabling a question to Nicola Sturgeon.

The Presiding Officer temporarily suspened proceedings.

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The large green banners read "Carbon Zero 2025" and "Citizens Assembly Now", and activists asked if the Scottish Government will create a Citizens Assembly to address the climate emergency.

The group say they were responding to the government's decision to reject a climate emergency bill tabled yesterday by the Scottish Greens.

The Greens brought forward a motion noting the need to act in the face of the climate emergency, but every other party in parliament voted it down.

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Exctinction Rebellion said they sought to hold politicians to account for their 'failure to deal with the global ecological crisis'.

A spokesperson from Extinction Rebellion Scotland said: "Extinction Rebellion Scotland did not wish to undermine other concerns raised by MSPs, but to highlight the climate crisis as this is not sufficiently dealt with despite its pressing importance."