Nicola Sturgeon has said that she doesn't expect Theresa May to refuse a second Scottish independence referendum if it is called because she won't be Prime Minister for much longer. 

Speaking on the BBC's Podlitical podcast, the First Minister was asked what she would do if Westminster refused a second referendum saying: “The UK Government hasn’t exactly covered itself in glory when it’s come to taking positions, sticking to them and seeing them through in the last wee while.

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“This is a UK Government that I don’t even know is going to exist by the end of this week.

"We’ve got a Prime Minister who has said herself that she’s on her way out of office. The Tories are split from top to bottom."

The First Minister was also asked about her meeting with both political leaders and whether she brought up the subject of Scottish independence with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

The SNP leader appeared to suggest that Mr Corbyn would be open to a Scottish referendum. 

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She said: “We’ve not had that specific conversation. “I daresay there will come a point when we may well have that conversation, but the interesting thing about Jeremy Corbyn is that before he became the leader of the Labour Party, I’m sure he would have been absolutely fullsquare behind the right of the people of Scotland to choose their own future.

“I’m not criticising him for this - I think it’s broadly the right position to support self-determination for countries all over the globe. It would be more than passing strange if he didn’t do that for Scotland.”

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Nicola Sturgeon yesterday gave feedback on her meeting with the Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn during First Minister's questions. The First Minister said that all Theresa May offered was an explanation of why her deal “was actually the best one” but said she had a “very constructive” meeting with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.