Scottish businesses are relieved to avoid a "disorderly, cliff edge Brexit", but want a permanent solution urgently.

Liz Cameron, chief executive of the Scottish Chambers of Commerce (SCC), said it would be a "disgrace" for politicians to delay any further.

She said: “We can at least say that avoiding a disorderly, cliff-edge Brexit with just 48 hours to go is a relief to businesses across Scotland.

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"Politicians must now focus on delivering an answer to this Brexit conundrum, and sooner than October.

"It would be a disgrace for any of those who claim to represent our citizens if, come 31st October, the same late-night drama plays out again."

Ms Cameron said the damage had already been done to the Scottish economy with lower investment, faltering confidence and the extra cost of preparing for Brexit.

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She added: "Politicians need to understand that many companies have placed key decisions on the substitute bench rather than on the field and any drag on investment, expansion or job creation will ultimately impact on the bottom line of individual businesses and Scotland plc.”

The SCC will report further on the impact of Brexit next week with the release of its quarterly economic survey.