Climate change protesters have climbed the Finnieston Crane as part of a nationwide campaign to raise awareness. 

Members of Extinction Rebellion Scotland took over the structure to drop a banner facing the BBC studio that read 'science not silence'.

The campaigners were removed at 7:30 by policy who had gathered at the bottom of the crane alongside fire crews. 

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A police spokesperson confirmed that officers were called to the scene at 6:50 am following reports of people on the crane. Officers confirmed that four people will be subject to a report to the procurator fiscal. 

It is part of a national campaign which saw banner dropped from the Glasgow City Chambers building. The group will hold its Festival of Climate Reality in Edinburgh.

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Mass demonstrations – dubbed Emergency Roadblocks – are expected to bring traffic to a halt in key city centre locations, as they look to force governments to take action. 

Protests are also expected in Edinburgh, where cyclists and pedestrians are expected to target the city centre before a gathering at North Bridge.

Protests, including civil disobedience, are planned in 27 countries. In London, thousands gather this morning in Parliament Square, calling on the Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2025 and establish a Climate Citizens Assembly.

Outlining the reason a local member of Extinction Rebellion said: ‘We are just ordinary citizens like you and we want the council to act responsibly and save us from this accelerating disaster which may lead to serious flooding and food shortages in Scotland and across the world. 27 other UK councils have declared a climate emergency. Why hasn’t Glasgow?

"I’m sure Robert Burns would’ve been happy to wear such a symbol - his poetry shows just how much he loved the environment and of course how radical his politics were.

"He said it himself: ‘I’m truly sorry Man’s dominion has broken Nature’s social union’. If he were alive today, he’d be asking the City Council to declare a climate emergency urgently."