A march in support of Scottish independence may cause emergency services to declare a 'major incident' in Glasgow.

Some 100,000 are expected to join All Under One Banner's rally next month, but police and fire chiefs have warned the plans could have a 'significant, detrimental impact' on the city centre.

The procession will march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green on Saturday May 4, starting at 1pm.

The Herald's sister paper the Evening Times reported: “Police and fire chiefs are warning All Under One Banner’s plans to march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green on Saturday, May 4 could have a significant, detrimental impact on the city centre due to a larger than expected number of marchers.”

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Police have urged organisers to impose an 11am start to minimise disruption to the city, but they have refused to alter the time.

All Under One Banner have been called to a Glasgow City Council hearing on Tuesday, after holding talks last month.

Director of governance and solicitor to the council said: “The organiser made it clear that arrangements for the procession were already made and that estimated numbers are expected to be significantly greater than the 20,000 advised on the notification."

She explained that All Under One Banner had advised "the estimation may well be approaching 100,000 participants" based on past processions and the "current political climate".

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Police called for the earlier start time to reduce the “detrimental effect” so many marchers would have on the city centre.

Fire chiefs advised that is no changes were made to the procession, “a major incident would have to be declared to manage a response to any incident in the city centre”.

Ms Forrest added: “The organiser continued to state his opposition to any changes to the already published start time and advised all present that should the Council persist in its obstruction to the democratic rights of the organisation, he would simply withdraw his notified procession and cause the procession to continue by anonymous social media posts, thereby removing any responsibility from the organiser and the organisation, All Under One Banner.”

The pro-independence group currently do not have permission to use Glasgow Green unless they comply with Park rules.

The council's Neighbourhoods and Sustainability department say previous marches failed to conform with Park rules and health and safety requirements.

However, the council and police have said they will allow use of the parks for 'meeting and dispersal'.

Ms Forrest said: “Both Police Scotland and Council Officers recommend that for the purposes of participant safety, permission be afforded to allow for assembly and dispersal purposes only at Kelvingrove Park and Glasgow Green.”