A Loyalist order group have cancelled an Easter Sunday precession after the council insisted it was re-routed away from a Catholic church where a priest was spat on last year. 

The Apprentice Boys of Derry were told on Tuesday by councillors that their planned procession could not pass St Alphonsus church, where last year, parish priest Canon Tom White was spat at during an Orange Walk. 

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Organisers were asked to change their plans after Police Scotland said the original route would potentially cause a "significant risk to public order".

Sunday’s parade, organised by The Apprentice Boys of Derry, was scheduled to pass the same church, however, Glasgow City Council, ordered that the route be changed.

During the council meeting, two men representing the Apprentice Boys of Derry walked out after the council decided against rearranging the hearing.

Glasgow City Council's website states that the organisers have now withdrawn their request to parade. 

The Apprentice Boys had put forward an amended route to avoid key services times but this would still have passed St Alphonsus and its sister church St Mary's, where Canon White is also a priest. 

The unusual decision to intervene by the council was taken after reports of planned protests and supporters expected on the route on Sunday. 

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Scottish Protestants Against Discrimination (Spad) subsequently announced that a demonstration would be held outside of the city chambers on April 27 to protest the creation of a so-called “no-go area” for Protestants. A Rangers fan group, The Vanguard Bears, yesterday announced its intention to join the demonstration.

Glasgow City Council procession officer, Gordon Fulton, said: “It can now be confirmed that as a consequence of the adjudication by the Processions Committee, and the imposed re-route, the procession by the organisation has been withdrawn and thereby indicated that the parade will not take place.”