MORE than 30 women have told cops that their nude pictures were uploaded without their consent to a file-sharing website.

Police Scotland are probing formal complaints after explicit pictures of girls as young as 14 from Dundee were shared online last month (March 2019).

Links to the images, which included the names of the women and girls, were distributed on social media and on a message board.

A police spokesman said: "Police Scotland is continuing to investigate a large number of complaints regarding personal photographs of women in Dundee being shared without their consent, which was first reported to us in March.

"We have so far noted over 30 formal complaints, and have also contacted numerous persons who have been identified as having had photographs shared.

"We would still like to ask anyone who is aware that their photos have been distributed in this incident to contact us, even if they do not wish to make a formal complaint, as they may hold information that could assist the investigation."

One woman said her pictures were taken when she was 14 and described the illicit sharing of them as "child porn."

The relative of another victim, speaking anonymously, said she feared the pictures would still be somewhere despite being removed from file-sharing websites last night.

She said: "It looks like it was sophisticated. It was shared in a group chat and on social media. This touches a very raw nerve with me - putting anyone at risk like this is horrendous.

"I can't understand where the need to shame comes from either.

"It disgusts and angers me that this has happened. It's bloody awful someone still has all those pictures somewhere."