An SNP MP has claimed Scotland does not 'sit in a partnership of equals' within the UK.

Stephen Gethins spoke to Adam Boulton on All Out Politics ahead of the First Minister's announcement on a second independence referendum this afternoon.

Nicola Sturgeon is expected to set out her thoughts and plans on indyref2 later today.

Mr Gethins, the SNP's EU spokesperson, did not speculate on what the First Minister planned to announce.

Instead, he said that he wants Scotland to be the same as other European countries.

He told Sky News: "Within the United Kingdom, we do not sit in a partnership of equals. The European Union is a partnership of equals.

"What I want to see in terms of independence is us having the same relationship with London that Dublin has, that Oslow has, that Copenhagen has.

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"I just want to be the same as other European countries, and I’m not sure that’s a whole lot to ask."

He said the prospect of an independent Scotland in the EU was important in times such as now.

He said: "We know that the direction that this Tory government is taking us in will lead to decades of economic loss and social loss.

He added: "This is about building better public services and is about what people really care about. It’s about building economic prosperity for the future."

It comes just hours before Ms Sturgeon is expected to address the Scottish Parliament concerning her plans for a second independence referendum.

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It is understood she won't announce a specific date for another vote, but rather set out steps to protect her existing referendum mandate.

Her spokesman said she would "strike an inclusive tone" while "setting out a path forward for Scotland".