David Lidington today ruled out a second referendum on Scottish independence by 2021.

But who is he, and what does he think about other political discussions?

Who is David Lidington?

David Lidington has been an MP for the Conservative Party since 1992, and is the current Minister for the Cabinet and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

He's often referred to as Theresa May's 'right-hand man' - but was even more recently recognised as a possible contender to her leadership.

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He has also deputised for Mrs May at Prime Minister's Questions several times.

How did he vote in the EU referendum?

In 2016, he campaigned to remain in the European Union, however has spoken out against holding a People's Vote.

Speaking at Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday, he told Tom Pursglove it would "do harm to fragile public confidence" if a commitment to carry out the result of the 2016 vote was "set aside".

What are his views on Scottish independence?

After Nicola Sturgeon announced yesterday she intends to hold a second vote on Scottish independence before May 2021, David Lidington quickly spoke out against her plan.

He made it clear that he believes the First Minister's call is unjustified.

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Speaking to reporters in Glasgow, Mr Lidington said: "We don't see any evidence there is a demand from the people of Scotland for a revisit the decision  they took in 2014.

What are his other political beliefs and voting habits?

According to They Work For You, Mr Lidington generally votes along with his party colleagues.

He has generally voted against equal gay rights, including that of same-sex marriage, and opposed the Human Rights Act.

In terms of immigration, he generally voted for stronger enforcement of immigration rules and voted against the introduction of ID cards.