A new YouGov poll has revealed a surge of support for Scottish independence.

The research, conducted in conjuction with the Times, found that support for an independent Scotland is at its highest point since February 2015.

They found that the two sides of the debate are now 'virtually neck and neck', with the Yes movement rising to 49% and 51% supporting No.

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It shows a surge from the results of the last poll on independence conducted in June 2018, which showed Yes on 45% and No on 55%.

The results were published on Saturday morning as SNP members headed to their annual Spring conference in Edinburgh.

It comes just days after Nicola Sturgeon announced plans to hold a second referendum before May 2021.

The research also predicted a pro-independence majority of 19 at Holyrood, with the Scottish National Party remaining at 63 seats and the Scottish Greens' seats increasing by five.

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The Scottish Conservatives and Labour are expected to drop, with the former going from 31 MSPs to 25 and the latter dropping to 18 from 24.

The SNP also dominated YouGov's EU Parliament poll, with 40% of voters saying they intend to back the nationalists.

It comes ahead of Labour, who are on 14%, and the Brexit Party, who are sitting at 13%.

The survey also asked a question on the timing of an independence referendum, showing a more definitive split.

Just 42% said they wanted a vote in the next five years, and 48% said they did not - and 10% said they were unsure.