Passengers on the Easyjet flight at the centre of a security incident at Glasgow Airport have claimed it was prompted by the discovery of a note in a toilet onboard the plane.

The alert on board the flight, which had arrived from London Gatwick, saw all flights in or out of the airport stopped for a short  period, while passengers were taken to a holding area. 

Police searched the plane amid reports that the alarm had been raised becauseof a suspcious package.  However Police Scotland later announced that nothing had been found on board. 

Some of the passengers later reported that a note had been found which caused the cabin crew to alert security staff. Twitter user James Gale posted: "I’ve heard that it’s all because of a note someone wrote and left (I’m guessing in the toilet) - they found nothing." A second passenger also made the same  claim.

However a spokesman for Glasgow Airport said he could not confirm this. 

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “All passengers from the affected flight have been spoken to by officers and able to continue their journeys.

“The plane has been searched with a negative result and nothing has been found.

“The circumstances surrounding the nature of the security alert will continue to be investigated.”