SNP MP Pete Wishart has denied saying he would be prepared to cast the deciding vote against Scottish independence as Commons Speaker.

The Perth MP said he would make an“unpalatable” decisions when asked what he would do if there was a tie in indicative votes over Scottish independence while he was Speaker. 

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When asked by a Press Association journalist what he would do he said: “The Speaker always has to cast the vote in favour of the status quo, regardless of how unpalatable that might be.

“From a personal point of view it’s not great but there are years and years of these types of conventions.

“In terms of Scottish independence, I can’t actually foresee a situation where we can expect Westminster to be deciding that, though.” 

Among those reporting the story was with the interpretation this meant he would be prepared to vote for the status quo - ie against independence - if he held the role.

After considering his comments, this website has updated the headline. It is unclear if others will follow suit. 

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Mr Wishart tweeted earlier: "Never said any such thing. This sort of ‘making up a headline’ is happening too often now.

He added: "If it's made up, it's lies. That's the word to use if it is, lies."

Yesterday the 57-year-old announced he planned to throw his hat into the ring in a bid to become the next Speaker of the Commons. 

If successful, he would be the first post-war Speaker to emerge from beyond the two main parties.