NICOLA Sturgeon will be a "ready and willing accomplice" to a Labour government intent on rigging democracy to keep the hard-left in power, the Home Secretary has said. 

Sajid Javid insisted a "socialist-separatist alliance" risked bankrupting the economy, breaking democracy and threatening national security. 

He launched the attack during a speech at the Scottish Tory conference in Aberdeen, where he admitted a general election would be tough for his party. 

But Mr Javid said a Labour government would lead to sky-high taxes and rocketing unemployment – and accused Mr Corbyn of seeking to "rig our precious democracy".

He said: "Remember - this is not a normal opposition party, and it certainly won’t be a responsible government.

"Corbyn and his comrades have all read that little red book. All the tricks of ‘permanent revolution’ will be visited upon our country.

"His great prize will be to rig our precious democracy, just the way he started rigging the Labour Party as soon as he got in.

"Whether it’s changing the electoral system, refusing to equalise constituency boundaries, or threatening press freedom - to name a few.

"In short: undermining the norms of our multi-party democracy, not for any noble democratic principles, but to keep the hard left’s grip on power – no matter what the will of the British people.

"That will be the first step in trying to shape our proud country in his image, just like he’s done to the once-proud Labour Party."

The Home Secretary added: “Every single time we make a decision to protect our national security, Jeremy Corbyn backs those who wish our country harm.

“And guess who backs him up, time and again? Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP.

“Given the reins of power, this socialist-separatist alliance would threaten our national security, bankrupt our economy, break our democracy, and break up our country.

“It’s our duty to stop them. He doesn’t even need to scrape a majority – because he’ll find a ready and willing accomplice in Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

“In that situation Nicola Sturgeon will have him in her pocket, and I have no doubt he would readily pay her price: another independence referendum.”

Elsewhere, he said another EU referendum would be an "absolute gift to the Nats".

And he praised the Scottish Tories under Ruth Davidson's leadership as "the band of warriors who saved the whole United Kingdom from the threat of Corbyn’s Labour", adding: "So thank you, General Davidson."

He said the Tory Party is the only institution that can stand in the way of "Corbyn’s socialism, SNP-style separatism and far-right populism".

He added: "Only a unified Conservative Party can stop the Corbyn and SNP threat to our union, our security and our economy."