TWELVE AC-12 related questions answered - or not - by Line of Duty finale. Spoiler alert!

Line of Duty review: A Heck of a finish or a load of old Hooey?

Did Ted definitely misspell definitely deliberately?

Yes. Despite Carmichael’s incredulity, he had the “head space” to learn to spell like H.

Who else would make a good Ted?

DI Kate Fleming. She did not miss a beat when an AC-3 officer interrupted a meeting. “We’re witnesses, not suspects,” she barked. “Now stop making a *** of yourself and **** off.”

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Was Corbett Ted’s son?

Ted’s reaction on learning Corbett’s identity suggested there had been more than friendship between himself, as police liaison, and Anne-Marie McGillis. He dismissed such talk as gossip. He also said he never met Anne-Marie’s son as she left him with neighbours when Ted called. After he was made aware of Corbett’s identity, Ted continued to insist the first time he saw him was at the meeting where Corbett and Steve drew guns on each other. His initial response could have been sheer sorrow for Anne-Marie and what happened to her “wee fella”.

Why did Gill initially come to Ted’s aid with the unlawful search order info?

To shut down the inquiry on a technicality and ease Ted out the door.

What was the text she sent?

“Urgent exit required”.

No-one turned up, so who gave the order to act?

What happened could have been the plan all along if things went awry.

So there is no H?

According to Steve, Dot Cottan, “the caddy” (the link between organised crime and police) tapped out four dots in Morse code. He did so not to spell “H” but to make it known there were four Dots, four caddies, just like him. The four were Dot, ACC Derek Hilton, you-know-who, and one more “still out there”.

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Is it Rohan Sindwhani, Police and Crime Commissioner?

No comment.

Did Ted tell prisoner Lee Banks about Corbett?

Carmichael maintained he did, but Banks refused to say. Without his testimony Carmichael could not prove anything.

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Where does the story go from here?

Now a former gang member has turned student police officer there could be a whole new stream of corruption opening up.

Deeply personal journey

Why did Lisa lie about who killed Corbett?

To protect said student police officer. Was it motherly concern?

Is Ted entirely in the clear?

He was seen holding an envelope as he watched Corbett’s widow visit her husband’s grave. Mark Moffat said at his bribery trial that the 50k found in Ted’s room was half the cash handed over. Was the missing money in the envelope? If so, it would show Ted is not as Snow White as he looks.