Theresa May has called for Ruth Davidson to become First Minister of Scotland in the final question of PMQs.

Responding to a question from MP Collin Clarke which criticised the SNP for their "u-turn" on air departure tax, their plans to postpone VAT powers and "delay social security powers" the Prime Minister said that it was time for new leadership in Scotland.

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She told the House: "What do we see from the SNP in Government in Scotland, we gave them powers over welfare payments which they asked for, not used.

"It was an SNP manifesto commitment to cut air passenger duty, they have the power, they're not going to use it.

"But what are they using? They've used their power to change taxes so that people doing the same job in Scotland are being charged more tax than doing the same job south of the border. "

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She added: "When given the chance to help people they reject it when given the chance to take more money out of people's pockets, they take it.

"It's certainly time for Ruth Davidson in Bute House."