WITH just under two weeks until the next Herald on Sunday Cool Conversations, time is running out to get your ticket.

For the third Cool Conversations, we have brought together two performers, comedian Ashley Storrie and breakthrough pop star Be Charlotte, along with two of the movers and shakers behind Scottish music, Geoff Ellis, the man behind both T In The Park and TRNSMT, and Donald MacLeod, owner of the Garage and the Cathouse. In a night of chat at Edinburgh Grand on May 23, they’ll talk about why live still counts on the theme Crowdsurfing: Why Live Matters.

Storrie tells a story about the time her mother took her to see The Sound Of Music Live at the King’s Theatre, at the age of six: “I stood on my chair and sang every line, pointing out mistakes that the cast were making," she said.

"My mum said it was the most mortifying day of her life. She spent the entire time covering my mouth.”

She doesn't hold back on what she shares with an audience, she said.

"Obviously everybody has got a different role as a stand-up, but I think mine is to put my life out there and then everybody can go, my life is not as weird as that," she explained.

"I think a lot of women feel a lot better that they’re not me. I think that’s what a lot of my comedy career has been. A lot of people thinking, well at least we’re not like that.”

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