Campaigners are calling for a ban on fireworks across Scotland after 16,000 people responded to a Scottish Government consultation on the topic.

Thee consultation, which closes today, calls for views on whether fireworks should be further regulated, while still allowing people to enjoy them at celebrations such as New Year and Bonfire night and religious festivals such as Diwali.

Campaigners in Glasgow have been calling for a ban on fireworks unless part of an organised display, after incidents in Pollokshields last year in which "industrial sized" fireworks were let off in the street and fireworks were launched at police and members of the public.

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The consultation has attracted more than 16,000 responses and campaigners said the size of the reaction from the public demonstrated the scale of the problem and reinforced the need for a ban. 

Danny Phillips, a resident of Pollokshields said: "In November 2018 problems got so bad in the area the riot police were called to disperse gangs of men setting off industrial sized fireworks in the street.

"The public and police had fireworks fired at them. Some residents described it was like living in a war zone," he said. 

Pollokshields is in the First Ministers constituency and the The Scottish Government has promised action on fireworks, Mr Phillips added. 


“The fact that over 16,000 people have taken part in the consultation tells you that Scotland has a problem with fireworks. Firework night is hated by the vast majority of people in communities like ours. But young children, pets, disabled people in particularly can find it frightening.

"I don’t see why we allow these massive industrialised fireworks to be set off, even on private land, They are a menace and we are calling on our governments to take action on the sale and use of fireworks. We have been promised, buy the first minister, that something will be in place before next bonfire night 2019. So we now await to hear what plans they are proposing.”

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Speaking about the consultation Ash Denham, Minister for Community Safety, said laws on the sale of fireworks are reserved to Westminster. "While the sale of fireworks is an issue only the UK Government at Westminster can change, I will use the outcomes of this consultation to inform ongoing discussions about what changes are needed," she said.