Young people staged a silent protest outside the Church of Scotland's General Assembly today after the Kirk voted to continue to invest in fossil fuel companies.

A motion urging the church to withdraw its investments in oil and gas companies was defeated yesterday, as the Assembly voted to preserve the status quo.

Despite acknowledging the declaration of a climate emergency by the UK Parliament, the Assembly voted to continue to try to engage with those in the fossil fuel industry to bring about change.

But youth members attending the assembly demonstrated outside. Seonaid Knox said many young members could not vote and under assembly rules could not even sign a dissent book opened to acknowledge widespread unhappiness with the decision.

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Ms Knox, 24, of Inchinnan, said "This is our way of letting the Assembly know that we are extremely disappointed - totally gutted - regarding yesterday's decision.

"We have done everything we can to make our points and the  Church didn't listen to how urgent the call is to divest."

The Reverend Martin Johnston, secretary of the Kirk's Church and Society Council, joined the protestors. He said "This week the General Assembly has talked a lot about radical action. We need radical action to save the planet. If we don't stand as all generations together, we are doing a huge disservice to our children and grandchildren."

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The Reverend Peter Johnston, of Foresterhill in Aberdeen, who spoke in favour of divestment yesterday also joined the demonstration. He said: "Some of us wish young people were able to contribute to decisions like this or register their dissent."

Ms Knox added: "We've given the policy of engagement a year. The Church and Society Council's own report says that it is not having the desired outcome. It is not working and not going far enough, fast enough."