THE Scottish Tories have issued a rebuke to party members down south after a poll showed they would be willing to see the break-up of the UK in order to secure Brexit.

A YouGov survey showed 63 per cent of Tory members would rather see Scotland leave the UK than Brexit scuppered. 

This finding appeared to be reversed in Scotland, although the sample size was small.

Meanwhile, 59% were happy for Northern Ireland to leave the UK as the price of exiting the European Union in the coming months.

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And more than half (54%) would prefer to see the Tory Party destroyed than countenance Brexit not being delivered.

A Scottish Tory spokeswoman said: “Conservative members need to remember ours is a party of the whole UK. It’s in the name.

"If Scotland becomes independent, there is no UK. No matter how badly people want Brexit, no Conservative and Unionist member should be prepared to turn their back on the UK.”

The latest findings chime with previous poll results, with a survey for the Centre on Constitutional Change last year suggesting 77% of Tory voters in England thought an independent Scotland would be a price worth paying for Brexit.

Another poll for the pro-independence blog Wings Over Scotland found 54% were happy for Scotland to split from the UK to secure Brexit.

It comes ahead of the second round of voting for the new Tory leader and next Prime Minister, with Boris Johnson the firm favourite to emerge triumphant among MPs.

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The YouGov poll of 892 Tory Party members for The Times found 61% would rather Brexit took place even if it caused significant damage to the UK’s economy.

However, half (51%) would rather cancel the whole process than see Jeremy Corbyn handed the keys to Number 10.

And almost half (46%) said they would be happy if Nigel Farage took over the party.

Asked about the poll, Theresa May's spokesman said: "Right from her very first day in office and throughout the Brexit negotiations, the Prime Minister has placed great importance upon securing the Union.

"It is hugely important to her and I think you have seen throughout her commitment to trying to protect the integrity of the Union."

But Labour MP Lesley Laird, the shadow Scottish secretary, said: "The biggest threat to the Union today is the Tory Party.

"Their members and their MPs would happily trade tearing our country apart in return for a chaotic no deal Brexit.

"Nationalism in all its forms is preventing us from dealing with the issues that we face as a country. The UK is not working for far too many people.

"That is why we need to invest in our people, our communities and our public services across the UK.

“Only Labour is committed to standing up for Scotland’s place in the UK and against a no deal Brexit."