Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson has told party members who would put Brexit ahead of preserving the UK union to "take a long, hard look at themselves".

It comes after a YouGov survey showed 63 per cent of Tory members would rather see Scotland leave the UK than Brexit scuppered, The finding appeared to be reversed in Scotland, although the sample size was small.

Ms Davidson said Brexit should be delivered following the 2016 EU referendum "but not at the expense of breaking up the UK".

She also said her chosen candidate in the leadership race, Sajid Javid, was "doing really well in the debates".

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The YouGov poll of 892 Tory Party members for The Times, conducted earlier in June, saw 63% of those taking part saying they would rather Brexit took place, even if it meant "Scotland leaving the United Kingdom".


But only 29% of respondents said they would rather Brexit did not take place to avoid this scenario.

Scottish Brexit Secretary Mike Russell said the survey was "devastating" for Ms Davidson, saying it showed Conservative members regarded the UK as "expendable in pursuit of the Brexit chimera".

Asked about the survey, Ms Davidson said: "I think there are a number of people within the Conservative Party who need to take a long, hard look at themselves.

"Yes, I understand of course we have got to respect the referendum result, of course we've got to deliver Brexit, but not at the expense of breaking up the UK.

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"I would remind people of their obligations within the party - yes, we're a Conservative Party, but we're also a Unionist party, and I'd remind them that our own union of nations is every bit as important as leaving someone else."

The latest findings chime with previous poll results, with a survey for the Centre on Constitutional Change last year suggesting 77% of Tory voters in England thought an independent Scotland would be a price worth paying for Brexit.

Another poll for the pro-independence blog Wings Over Scotland found 54% were happy for Scotland to split from the UK to secure Brexit.