While the candidates for the Tory leadership debated issues and answered questions on television, social media reacted, and there was one participant in particular viewers were impressed with.

Erin, 15, from Glasgow asked the candidates whether they would commit to net-zero carbon emissions by 2025, but was not satisfied with the answers she received on the subject.

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“Erin, who’s impressed you the most?” Emily Maitlis asked.

“Well to be honest, none of you have really impressed me in the way that I’m looking for,” Erin replied.

“Climate change isn’t an issue of tomorrow, it’s an issue of today, and we need to take drastic, critical action and I don’t think any of you are willing to offer that.”

Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

Comedian Kathy Burke tweeted: “Erin. The most intelligent person on there,” while Labour MP Jess Phillips responded to Erin’s concerns by tweeting: “This is going to take a huge amount of change and we should stop faffing.”

Food writer and journalist Jack Monroe said: "Can we just have 15 year old Erin from Glasgow for #TheNextPrimeMinister please? Thanks. #BBCOurNextPM #BBCDebate #nextprimeminister"

ITV journalist Robert Peston commented: "Erin says none of the candidates impress her, on climate change. I fear against she may speak for many"

Labour MP David Lammy wrote: "Erin from Glasgow spoke for a nation last night."

Guardian writer Hannah Jane Parkinson commented on Erin's "iconic" expression during Michael Gove's response to her question.

Even Boris Johnson's father Stanley said his "star of the evening" was Erin fron Glasgow.