Liam Gallagher has weighed in following the bizarre war of words between Lewis Capaldi and Noel Gallagher. 

Yesterday, Noel Gallagher said Scotland was "like a third world country" amid a spat with 22-year-old Lewis. 

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The High Flying Birds star, whose wife Sara MacDonald is from Edinburgh, made the comments in an interview with Variety magazine.


The comments sparked outrage from Scots, with Irn Bru even chipping in saying that "Noel had been cancelled" in Scotland, and sent out a number of Liam Gallagher songs. 

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And now Liam has weighed into the argument stating: "I f***ing adore Scotland".

The comment has racked up a few hundred likes since it was posted. 

Capaldi, 22, playfully hit back wearing a parka on stage at Glastonbury before unveiling a T-shirt with Noel's face on it encased in a love heart.