European Parliament president David Sassoli says the UK has made no new proposals that would unblock Brexit talks and that talking about removing the so-called backstop from the divorce agreement is a waste of time. 

Speaking after a meeting with the EU's chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier Sassoli said the bloc "would like initiatives to discuss, but there are none".

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He added the UK had also not proposed "any alternatives" to the backstop issue, stressing that "you can't have an agreement without a backstop."

However, in his comments, he said that the bloc would consider a further extension to the withdrawal if it meant avoiding a no-deal scenario, or if the UK were to hold a general election.

Hinting at a return to Theresa May's Brexit deal he said: An orderly departure of the UK is the goal and what we're searching for. 

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"The agreement negotiated is the best possible agreement as far as we're concerned. They protect the rights and life choices of British and European citizens."