SCOTTISH Tory MP Stephen Kerr has joined the cross-party group of “MPs for a deal,” who support a managed “middle way” exit from the EU on October 31.

The group was formed earlier this month by Rory Stewart, the former International Development and one of the 21 Tory rebels expelled from the party, Labour’s Stephen Kinnock, and Sir Norman Lamb, the Liberal Democrat backbencher.

It argues both a no-deal exit and a second referendum would cement political divisions and cause endless uncertainty and suggests a plan, which would involve using elements of Theresa May’s Brexit proposals as the basis for an agreement, which Boris Johnson could push through the UK Parliament, possibly by the October 31 deadline.

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Mr Kerr, who represents Stirling, voted for Mrs May’s deal on each of the three occasions it was bought before Parliament earlier in the year.

The Scottish Conservative backed the Kinnock amendment to the ‘No to No-Deal ‘bill that was recently passed by the House of Commons. The amendment, which covers some of the areas agreed by Labour and the Tories during the unsuccessful negotiations earlier this year, requires Parliament to hold a fourth vote on the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by the former Prime Minister.

Mr Kerr, whose majority over the SNP is one of the smallest in Scotland at just 148, said: “For too long debate in Westminster has been paralysed by a lack of moderation and compromise.

“There is a growing number of MPs that realise a deal is the best way to progress and are joining those of us that have always backed a deal. We all feel the referendum result must be respected but we also feel that a sensible deal will strike the right balance and reflect views across the country on both sides of the increasingly bitter divide.”

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The Tory backbencher added: “We must rediscover the pragmatism that has for so long been thought of as one of our greatest attributes as a nation; it is the duty of all MPs to do that.

“There is a middle way, there has always been a middle way and we should be advocating that very loudly at this critical time.”