Paisley has emerged as the leading contender for Scotland's most dismal town in the annual Carbuncles awards.

The home of the Buddies has received a rash of nominations for the Plook on the Plinth Award, followed closely by Coatbridge in Lanarkshire.

The ignominious prize is given each year to highlight planning decisions and architectural mishaps that have scarred the face of Scotland's urban landscape.

Established in 2000 by design magazine Prospect, it is intended as a wake-up call for future building design.

Members of the public are invited to put forward their nominations for the less-than-coveted Plook on the Plinth award for The Most Dismal Town in Scotland, The Zit Award for The Most Disappointing Building and the Pock Mark Award for The Worst Planning Decision.

Prospect editor Penny Lewis said: "Politicians, developers, media, the voluntary sector and the public at large are all responsible for ensuring we live in a high quality environment and the Carbuncles are seen as a light-hearted way of drawing attention to this by highlighting the failures in Scotland."

The deadline for nominations is November 15. Results will be published in the Winter edition of Prospect.