Ian Blackford has suggested the SNP wouldn't be opposed to Jeremy Corbyn leading an interim government after a vote of no confidence to bring about a general election.

Speaking on All Out Politics on Sky News, the SNP Westminster leader said that MPs had a duty to hold the UK government to account and that the government as a whole had to be accepting responsibility and that impeachment "was an option"

When asked what an opposition majority should be doing to hold the government to account he said: "As we have said over the last few weeks, we need to make sure that the legislation that we have passed stopping a no-deal Brexit at the end of October is enacted, that we get the extension to the Article 50 process. Anything we do has to have that at the root of it. 

"We can move on to have a motion of no confidence because we would seize control, not as it would be under the fixed-term parliament act, it would be about the House of Commons taking control of the procedure. As an administration, we would need to have a temporary prime minister in order to enact an election.

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"I think it is right that we sweep Boris Johnson, that we sweep the Conservatives from power."

The SNP leader in Westminster was asked if the plan could result in the Government being able to leave without a feal by forcing a general election in the next 14 days, the SNP MP said: "What we need to do in that 14 day period is to make sure we can impose a Prime Minister on Parliament with the express intention of calling a general election - we need to make sure that as part of that process we enact an extension to the Article 50 process, and we can do that because there is a majority in the Opposition. 

"I am asking all Opposition leaders to accept their responsibly and act collectively together to make sure we get this done."

When asked about who would lead the interim government, Blackford suggested that the SNP would be willing to back Jeremy Corbyn. He said: "It's not really about the individual, it is about the mechanism to create the election and Article 50.

"Under our constitution, it's right that the leader of the Opposition has the first opportunity to do that, and we would respect that as part of the process. We need to coalesce around an individual that can unite the Commons. We need to take our responsibilities to remove Boris from power and to make sure we have an election. 

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Responding to whether impeachment was an option he said: "Of course impeachment is an option that we have, but it is really quite outrageous that this government unlawfully has shut down parliament, and there has to be consequences."

Speaking on the events yesterday Blackford added:  "What happened yesterday was quite astonishing, with the Supreme Court telling the government on no uncertain terms, that what they did was unlawful. This is quite unprecedented, all the opposition parties have made the point that Boris Johnson should be resigning. 

"This is a man who has shut down parliament without authority and he has to be held to account. What he should be doing is coming in front of parliament today and he should be making a statement.