A former SNP councillor has been left "shaken" after a vile troll subjected her to a series of violent online threats.

Rosa Zambonini was horrified to discover a message from a Facebook user threatening to "rape and kill" the independence campaigner after checking her 'other' inbox on the social media platform.

Police are now probing the communication, however, the user appears to have deleted their account.

A follow-up message branded the former Wishaw councillor, who quit after complaining she was a victim of a campaign of harassment, "SNP scum".

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Posting on Twitter, Rosa wrote: "There is no option on Facebook to report it, so I’m going to call the police in the morning and Parliament security."

"I’m laying in my bed crying cause I love what I do so much, but I don’t think I deserve this."

She later wrote the incident had made her reconsider her future in politics.

Several other users voiced their support for the former representative, who stepped down from her role on North Lanarkshire Council in 2017.

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A Police Scotland spokesman confirmed: “We received a report of threatening communications posted online at around 10:30am on October 8, 2019. Inquiries are ongoing at this time.”