A South African national forced to leave her "much-loved home of Arran" has regained her visa. 

Lizanne Zietsman, who was born in Zimbabwe but holds a passport for South Africa, was warned she faced being detained and deported unless she left voluntarily.

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She faced an indefinite separation from her husband, John Malpas, who she met on Arran after 38-year-old Zietsman lost her bid to remain in the UK.

A petition calling for the businesswoman to regain her immigration status so that she could remain with her husband attracted just under 20,000 signatures, with MPs and devastated islanders also campaigning for the decision to be reversed. 

Writing on the petition page today, however, Lizanne Zietsman confirmed that her application for a spouse visa had been successful and that she would be returning to the island. 

She wrote: "It is with great elation that I am writing this after my out of country application for a spouse visa has now been approved.

"Throughout this trying and stressful time we would not have had the courage or strength to continue the battle had it not been for the overwhelming support received by you all. I will be returning home shortly to my much-loved home Arran to once again continue the life my husband John and I have built and will yet again be a familiar face in our wee shop 'The Sandwich Station'.

The heartache experienced by separation from not only one's home but the love of your life, soulmate, friends and community is one that can never be conveyed in words!

"I hope that we will all continue to stand together and fight for the countless others that have been placed in a similar position.

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"Let us hope that in so doing we can lay the foundations for a society that is strengthened in bond and unity allowing people from all walks of life the freedom to love who they so wish, live where they are wanted but above all help build on the compassion that we all share.

Many thanks to you all, let this be only but the beginning of a bright and beautiful future."