Despite its light hearted rebranding as ‘Typhoon Haggis,’ the storm set to batter Japan this weekend is no laughing matter.

The category-five equivalent Typhoon Hagibis is expected to make landfall in the land of the rising sun on Saturday and could spark widespread destruction across the country.

The storm has already disrupted several matches at the Rugby World Cup – including Scotland’s clash against Japan – while the 13 million residents in the Tokyo area are preparing to be hit by “violent” gusts.

When will the typhoon make landfall?

Typhoon Hagibis is currently swirling over open water in the North-West Pacific, a few hundred miles away from the main islands. On Thursday afternoon, the “large and violent” storm  was tracking North towards the Japanese mainland, but forecasters admitted they could not say exactly when it would hit.

Current predictions state it will reach the mainland on Saturday and the Japanese Meteorological Agency believe it will a North Easterly path, meaning Tokyo can expect a ‘direct hit’.

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How powerful is it?

Forecasts on Thursday put wind speed at the centre of the storm at around 170mph. That is expected to reduce by the time the storm is predicted to reach the Japanese mainland, but it is likely gusts could still hit as much as 135mph when they batter Tokyo at the weekend.

Torrential downpours bringing up to 300mm of rain are expected to cause flash flooding in some areas, while warnings have also been issued over the potential for structural damage on certain buildings.

Some mountain areas could also experience mudslides as twice the average monthly rainfall for October falls in just 24 hours.

What does it mean for Scottish Rugby?

Several Rugby World Cup matches have already fallen to the threat posed by Typhoon Hagibis and the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka is also facing a last minute call to determine whether it will take place on Sunday morning.

Gregor Townsend’s Scotland side also have an anxious wait to find out whether their World Cup journey is to be ended prematurely ahead of a late decision on their clash with the host nation.

World Rugby say the game remains under review and a decision on whether it goes ahead will be taken just hours before the scheduled 7.45pm Japan time (11.45am BST) kick-off.

If the match is cancelled, the Scots would be controversially blown out of the competition without kicking another ball.

World Cup rules state that if a pool match cannot be played on its original date it will be marked down as a 0-0 draw, with both sides earning two points.

In that were to be the case, Scotland would be dumped out of the tournament.

Townsend’s team currently sit on 10 points from three games, four behind the Japanese, and need the win on Sunday to clinch their place in the last eight.

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What is the advice for those travelling in Japan?

Met Office forecaster Alex Deakin said: “This is a powerful storm and it is one that needs to be kept a very close eye on.”

“If you have family and/or friends in Japan, the advice is to stay up to date with the JMA website, the national tourism organisation and the UK foreign office.”