TWO of Scotland's leading female commentators have come to blows on Twitter in a row over claims of bias by BBC political editor, Laura Kuenssberg.

Bestselling crime writer and Yes supporter Val McDermid said her respect for the journalist had been cut "to shreds" over the way she responded to a tweet from Nicola Sturgeon on Saturday. 

SNP supporters criticised the tweet, posted during the 'Super Saturday' debate at Westminster, where Ms Kuenssberg wrote "right on cue!" in response to a tweet by Ms Sturgeon blasting Downing Street's depiction of the Letwin Amendment as dishonest. 

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However, broadcaster Muriel Gray hit back at Ms McDiarmid, saying that "mocking politicians of every party" was a normal part of public and media discourse. 

She added that shying away from criticism of the FM "goes against everything that made us anti-establishment".


However, Ms McDermid hit back at accusations that she was engaged in "blind worship" of the SNP leader, and said that Ms Kuenssberg had not been even-handed.

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Glaswegian Ms Kuenssberg - the BBC's first ever female political editor - has previously had to be given a bodyguard after being subjected to online abuse and threats from over alleged bias in her reporting about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The Brexitcast panellist was also accused of partiality by supporters of the Conservatives, Ukip and the SNP.