FOLLOWING Saturday’s vote, it is obvious that Westminster can’t agree on any Brexit deal and the only way forward is for an early General Election. Calls for another EU referendum won’t resolve this problem as Boris Johnson could just ignore any vote to remain in the EU.

Therefore, it is unfortunate that Labour and the Liberal Democrats can’t agree on a collective strategy thanks to Jo Swinson’s inflated ego and Labour being too scared to vote for another election as Jeremy Corbyn is likely to lose several dozens of seats.

Scotland’s overwhelming vote to remain in the EU has been ignored at Westminster and anyone watching Saturday’s debate will have seen the disgraceful treatment of Joanna Cherry and other SNP speakers by Tory MPs. No one in the Scottish Parliament is ever subjected to such disrespect.

Under the latest Brexit plan Northern Ireland is able to decide on its EU future every four years, which makes it impossible for Tories to claim that we shouldn’t have another independence vote after six years in 2020.

Economic analysis show that the latest Brexit deal will cost everyone £2,250 which is higher than the worst-case doomsday scenario claimed by anti Scottish-self government supporters.

Mary Thomas, Edinburgh EH11.

BETWEEN the pair of them, the Speaker, John Bercow, and Oliver Letwin, have subverted the referendum and the will of a far larger majority now, who are sick and tired of their delays. Parliament has misbehaved disastrously. They do not care about the 17.4 million who voted to leave, still less the millions more who are tired of these parliamentary crimes we have been treated to for years now and despite the agreement of 600 MPs that the referendum vote (whatever it was) would stand.

They are self-seeking and arrogant, revelling in their acts of disruption. Hillary Benn is another. “I am acting for the good of the country,” he bleats, like the rest of the crew of Remainers, all eager to have their own way despite the will of the people which they agreed to implement. These are not the kind of people we will tolerate in Parliament in future. Their deselection will be an aim for many.

The faith of millions of people in the superiority of this country over all others has been dashed and damaged by their immoral manipulations. Most us are going to want the next government to alter the constitutional arrangements so that a repetition is never possible.

William Scott, Rothesay.

TWENTY-SIX Labour MPs represent constituencies where the Leave vote was greater than two-thirds and eight of those represent constituencies where the Leave vote was more than 70 per cent. Of these MPs only a handful actually support Brexit. Most of them voted for the Letwin amendment whose ultimate purpose, facilitated by Speaker Bercow, is to seek a long extension and a second referendum, with three questions aimed at splitting the Leave vote. Why aren’t they honest with their electorate and just tell them that – like the SNP and Liberal Democrats – they want to reverse Brexit and remain under EU law following its directives and regulations, thereby ignoring the people’s vote and trashing democracy?

William Loneskie, Lauder.

Yet again we see Ian Blackford stand up in the House of Commons on Super Saturday and claim to speak on behalf of the people of Scotland. People of England, we don't want to leave the Union and the SNP does not speak for the people of Scotland. It only ever speaks for itself.

Jane Lax, Aberlour.

I MUST take issue with Dr Gerald Edwards (Letters, October 19) as he questions First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s claim that Scotland is being treated unfairly over Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. Surely anyone analysing the situation we are now in over Brexit will recognise Wales and England voted to leave the EU and are being granted their wishes, Northern Ireland like Scotland voted to remain and is being dragged out. However, the difference is that Nothern Ireland is being offered a special arrangement of remaining in the customs union and single market, an arrangement the SNP has consistently requested to no avail. But then the SNP has also requested a place at the EU negotiation table, again to no avail.

Dr Edwards makes comment on the record of the SNP in Government and I would remind him that it is the SNP which has secured the administration at Holyrood since 2007, has returned a majority of MP to Westminster from Scotland and came first in Scotland at this year’s EU elections, a record that really speaks for itself.

Catriona C Clark, Falkirk.

I WISH to send this short message to the President of the European Council:

Dear Mr Tusk, Rumour has it that the UK Government has sent you both an unsigned letter and one that appears to contradict it. Throughout the difficulties of the last years you have always acted with dignity, good grace and generosity towards the people of these islands. Thank you.

I wish to apologise personally (and I know for sure on behalf of many people in Scotland) for the bumptious and childish behaviour of the Prime Minister of the UK and his entourage.

Nigel Osbourne, Cockburnspath.

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